Aiologs Handbrake v3

Next batch: 29 October
Counts of goods is limited. Make pre-order now.

⋅ Analog and digital (on/off) mode. 2 in 1
⋅ Sensor: high quality potentiometer (ALPHA)

⋅ USB HID Joystick (Windows 10/8/7/vista/xp)
⋅ Included desk clamp (default) or plate for 80/20
⋅ 2xM5 thread on bottom for custom mounting
⋅ Rod 12mm compatibility with any car handle
⋅ Precision construction with shafts and bearings
⋅ Compact design and good force (torsion springs)
⋅ Warranty and Customer support

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Aiologs SQ Shifter and Handbrake v3 on cockpit