Aiologs H-pattern Shifter

From: 420 USD

From: 420 USD

Included in the product set:
Aiologs H-Patter Shifter, Knob 80×45, Rod M+L+S, Mounting plate, T-key.

Mounting option:
Plate: Mounting to T-slot 8mm profile or pre-drilled rig plate.
Clamp: Universal mounting to any flat surface 0-30mm width.
Bracket: Most rigid solution for 40×80 profile (recommended with Rod “L”)

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H pattern shifter is a new Aiologs product.

Pre-order is open. Shipment date: 25 July

Over 4 years of development, we built 6 prototypes, tried 10 conceptual mechanical principles in different parts of the device and created a unique solution with 4 ways to adjust your shifting experience.

The Y axis (Forward – Backward) and X axis (Left – Right) springs are pushed by mechanisms that adjust spring compression to create unique tension chart.
The Y axis has 2 separate modulators to create at least 3 tension types  of shifting (Y1, Y2, Y1+Y2)

– Y axis progression types: Rock, Smooth, Ice_Rock
– Y axis tension: 1–3 kg
– X axis tension: 1–3 kg
– Knob installation height: 180–340mm

Full steel mechanical core allowed us to make a compact and powerful device.
With dimensions of 84x84x135mm, it is the most compact solution between hight-level H-Shifters on the market.
Stainless steel box contains round tempered glasses and adjustable RGB lightning.
Shifts are precisely detected by analog magnet sensors.
A variety of mounting options make it easy to attach the device to any rig or desktop.
Device (HID Joystick) is working on Windows PCs via USB and is compatible with drive, race, truck and etc simulators.

Note: Metal character of shifting noise in this video will be reduced by demphing bushings in release version.

Aiologs H pattern Shifter

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 10 cm